About Us

At ARC Textiles, everything we do is dedicated to giving our customers the best choice of custom-made textiles to build exceptional brand awareness. Our passion is to give our customers more – more expertise, more inspiration and more value. We offer a complete design-to-delivery service, with products tailored to suit individual requirements.

More than 35 years experience of meeting the needs of some of the world’s most high profile brands

Our long history both within textiles manufacturing and branding means that we won’t just advise on the best option for your budget: we’ll also give you great ideas on the best possible option for your brand.

An exciting range of textile products branded with cutting edge techniques

We aim to work in partnership with our customers, sharing our considerable knowledge of custom-made textiles and manufacturing approaches. That personal touch means we’ll always strive to be flexible to meet your requirements wherever we can. It’s a high standard we’re always looking to exceed, from working to a rigorous ethical and environmental standard in all of our manufacturing processes – to always looking t o raise our game by continually growing our wide range of branded textile options.

We’re all about bringing more to your brand

How We Work

We do everything it takes to create stunning branded textiles that enhance brand awareness. And from experience, we know that takes a lot.

Our long history of working with leading high street retailers and fashion brands informs everything we do and every product we deliver. Our focus is not only firmly dedicated to creating products which take brands further. It is also focused on helping you to make the most of your budget and brand potential. We achieve this by giving you the best of our expertise in branding techniques and textile manufacturing processes.

Our complete design-to-delivery approach means we can give you dedicated support with developing the perfect product idea or with finding the best way to maximise your budget. We keep our clients ahead of the curve in other ways too, such as updating them on the latest trends in promotional branding.

We’ve developed a stringent manufacturing approach to allow you to benefit from the most advanced and exciting technologies available. It’s our global manufacturing flexibility which has allowed us to meet the standards of some of world’s most high profile brands. That’s what we’re all about – constantly looking to offer our customers more so that they can achieve even more brand success.


At ARC Textiles, we only work with manufacturing partners who meet our strict code of conduct. We are also committed to minimising the potential environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.  This is why we develop partnerships with vertically integrated manufacturing units. Our approach significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our products because it means that freight is not used to transport raw materials from other suppliers.  Our suppliers must also be able to demonstrate that harmful azo dyestuffs are not used in the production process.  We regularly visit our factories to ensure that they comply with our code of conduct, employment laws and the regulations of the country of manufacture

How can we help?

We love talking about our products! If you'd like to know more, or ask any questions about our great range of branded textiles, please get in touch.

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